Mark Wood
Roofing Expert

Mark Wood began his family-owned business in 2003 around the time his son was born. Mark grew up on a farm and his early childhood chores instilled in him a strong work ethic. He put up his first roof with his Dad when he was about 10 years old. Mark grew up in an era when fathers were not around as much as they are now. His early life prepared him to work with his hands and learn all the “tools of the trades” that he uses today. Mark knew early that he wanted to change the cycle by finding an occupation where he could provide for his family, raise his kids and participate in their activities. This is really where Home Property Solutions began, working on the farm, building and repairing things.

When he first began his business, he was just helping friends with their properties. Then he started buying, repairing and selling homes. It wasn’t long after that many people saw his work and started asking him to come and work on their homes. From those humble beginnings, Home Property Solutions has grown into the thriving business that it is today. His business started around the idea of spending more time with his family and he’s proud that now he is able to work for himself with fewer restrictions.

Home Property Solutions can help with your residential roof repair. The company has expanded its services into remodeling, full kitchen and bathroom renovations, building outdoor living spaces and can even help prepare your home for resale.

Along with the residential side of the business, Home Property Solutions works on commercial projects. From apartment complexes to commercial buildings, no matter what the job, HPS is there to help. For a free consultation contact Mark Wood at 913-244-3161.

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