Let Us Help from Inspection to Finished Installation

When you need to hire a reliable roofing company, not only should they have the skills, equipment and training but they also need good communication skills. They need to be available and have good lines of communication when working with you and your insurance company. Most insurance companies are reputable and will stand behind their clients. However, sometimes it is good to have a contractor on your side to help show you the ropes when dealing with a leak or damage to your home. For example, with hail damage insurance companies require 7 to 10 hits per 10 x 10 section of roof when evaluating hail damage. Each hail hit knocks grain off the shingle. When the grain is missing it prohibits the shingle to do what it was designed to do and that is protect your home and shed water.

It’s important for the roofing company to have a good relationship and good communication skills with insurance adjusters and insurance companies. Home Property Solutions philosophy is to help with the entire process from inspection to finished installation. During inspection if any shingles are lifted, they will fix any points of disturbance (POD).

We recommend that homeowners inspect and walk around your house every few months or so. Look at your gutters, the air conditioning condenser, and window screens for evidence of hail damage. This is when you need to call a professional roofing company to come out and confirm any damage. A lot of customer’s say; “I didn’t think about looking for some of those things until my roof starting leaking.” The most common damage occurs when hail hits the pipe vent or vent stack. If it hits the rubber boot it will crack and a leak will start happening.

Traits of Good Communication

You deserve a roofing contractor that helps you through the entire process from initial inspection, to working with the insurance company to the installation of the roof and even after the job. Here are a few traits to keep in mind when selecting your roofing contractor.

• Contractor Communication: Is your contractor available for regular in-person meetings, phone calls or even via email? Are they keeping you in the loop and letting you know if there are any problems? They should allow you to discuss any concerns or give you the opportunity to talk about the progress of the job.

• Good records: Write down any important discussions you have with the crew or the supervisor, especially concerning the budget. Also, keep a list of questions that you might like to ask the next time you speak with the contractor

• Communication Preference: Let the contractor know which type of communication you prefer: email, phone calls, texts, or face-to-face talks.

Get a Solid Roof Over Your Head

We work hand in hand with the insurance company to make getting a new roof as uncomplicated as possible. We help keep the claim process simple. Locally owned and operated serving the Kansas City metro area since 2003. We will keep you informed about the progress of your job and will answer any questions that you may have regarding your project. Call Home Property Solutions at 913-244-3161 or send us an email at markwoodny@yahoo.com to learn more about a trouble-free roof replacement.

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